Exceptional Garden:Gardeco Wulfryc Mexican Chimenea Celtic Theme in Grey
Exceptional Garden:Gardeco Wulfryc Mexican Chimenea Celtic Theme in Grey


Gardeco Wulfryc Mexican Chimenea Celtic Theme in Grey

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Wulfryc Mexican Chimenea in Grey Including Stand and Lid by Gardeco

The wolf, on this Wulfryc chimenea, is a prominent symbol in the Celtic culture with it being core to beliefs representing loyalty and trust, and being the mark of the warrior and hunter. This particular model is in dark grey. Mexican chimeneas are the best functioning burners of all patio fires. Their structure and design perfected over centuries in Central America make them the easiest chimeneas to light and the most efficient burners. No need for roaring fires, the clay becomes hot and radiates the heat.

Details and Maintenance:

  • Made in Mexico
  • Product Size: 40cm length. 40cm width. 110cm height.
  • Celtic design moulded in the body and funnel
  • Extra-large size
  • Excellent design and burning function
  • Burns wood, leaves hardly any ashes
  • Clay absorbs heat and acts as radiator
  • Complete with steel stand and clay lid
  • Painted in rustic finish
  • Colour is dark grey
  • Takes the Grill1-SS

Assembly Instructions: No assembly required.

It is important you observe the instructions and maintenance recommendations. Not all fuels and lighting fuels can be used in Mexican chimeneas and they will need protection from the weather. Mexican chimeneas are hand-made and hand-painted, so shapes and colours may vary slightly. The paint finish on this chimenea will discolour when fired or if left outside all the time. Colour changes do not affect use. Mexican chimeneas can be repainted.


DO NOT place the cooking accessory on the patio, grass, earth or directly on the ground. DO NOT TOUCH, steel and cast-iron cooking accessories are extremely hot when taken out of the fire, do not touch with your fingers, protect hands with Gardeco FIRE GLOVES. DO NOT allow children to handle any of the cooking accessories. Warning: the bowl will heat up rapidly do not touch the bowl itself when the fire is burning or shortly after, let it cool before moving it or emptying any ash out. Metal fire bowl surfaces can become extremely hot in use and will burn the skin if touched. Burning temperatures can be remarkably high. We recommend the use of a chimenea guard when small children are present.