Exceptional Garden:Gardeco Pizza Oven Sealant
Exceptional Garden:Gardeco Pizza Oven Sealant


Gardeco Pizza Oven Sealant

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Pizza Oven Sealant by Gardeco

Sealant for Pizarro pizza ovens. A simple and easy way to seal clay pizza ovens in our Pizzaro range. For use on the base and between the dome and base. Add small amounts of water at a time until the consistency is like that of peanut butter. Apply with a tool or with your fingers directly. The pizza seal is an inert, non-toxic silica-based sealant. Do not ingest or breathe in.

Details and Maintenance:

  • Always follow the user instructions. Just add water. Do not ingest.
  • User instructions: On the back of Bag.
  • Silica based inert fire sealant. Do not inhale. Keep dry. Keep bag sealed.
  • Size (specify): 20cm(W) x 28cm (L) Colour:
  • Accessories supplied with the product: none
  • Assembly information: no assembly request
  • Packaging information: bag
  • Country of origin: China