Exceptional Garden:Gardeco Cooking Knife to Cut Chestnuts


Gardeco Cooking Knife to Cut Chestnuts

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Cooking Knife to Cut Chestnuts by Gardeco

Special knife for cutting skin of chestnuts. Chestnut knife for easily cutting into the skin of chestnuts. Quick safe and easy to use. The skin of fresh chestnuts must be cut before roasting on a fire. The Gardeco chestnut knife is safer, easier, and quicker to use, with a comfortable handle that fits in the palm and a short, pointed blade.

Details and Maintenance:

  • Caution! Blade is sharp. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Size: 2.5cm x 13cm(L)
  • Accessories supplied with the product: none.
  • Materials: Steel blade, wooden handle
  • Assembly information: no assembly required.
  • Packaging information: Polybag