Exceptional Garden:Gardeco Cast Iron Cooking Iron
Exceptional Garden:Gardeco Cast Iron Cooking Iron


Gardeco Cast Iron Cooking Iron

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Cast Iron Cooking Iron by Gardeco

This Gardeco long-handled shell-shaped cast iron cooking tool is designed to cook any food inside a real fire with minimal smoke effect on the taste of the food. Food is placed inside the cast iron shell and the iron is then clamped shut and placed directly into the fire. The cast iron heats up and cooks the food inside. Food is cooked in a matter of minutes. Any food used for barbecues can be used, as well as many other types. Cooking irons can also be used to heat up foods such as buns or croissants. The long handle is designed for easy reach over the fire without risk of burns. Sized for individual portion. Cast iron is extremely hardwearing and durable, so can be used in any real fire, large or small.

Details and Maintenance:

  • Size: 11 cm x 54 cm
  • Accessories supplied with the product: none.
  • Materials: cast iron, steel handle with wooden grip
  • Assembly information: no assembly required.
  • Packaging information: full colour retail hanging card.
  • Country of Origin: China